About protection of personal data in our company and dealing it.  

We have dealt with customor's personal data and security with due care and attention so that customor can do shopping without worrying .

1. Protection of personal data principle

It has dicided on principle of dealing with customer's personal data which we have acquired by using our managing site

2.About obtaining personal data

Our company acquire customer's information mostly as follows ,by offering service .
We obtain about customor's information the following as our company offer service .
Following is example 、there is a case of not to apply it according to concrete content of information .

  • (1)   Information thar is offered by customer

     We ask minimum information of customer ,which are name , adress and telephone number , (there is a case which we would ask your fax number or cellular phone by the reason of customer) .

     There is a case which we ask about information of your age , sex , occupation, work place, etc except above .when customer agree with it.

(2)Information of ocquired by using service

     Information of business history and information of distinguish customer , when customer apply to
our service .

     Information of distinguish using IP adress etc when customer connect with internet .

     Information of your type of browser ,version , operationg system , platform, and read page (URL) , the time and date ,serched goods , which was acquired according to access our managing web site .

     Besides ,information of access which was acquire using technique of cookie and web beacon , and information of automatically obtained and keeped every access by customer .

3. About purpose of using

(1)Carrying out of business offering by our company

     When customer offered goods and so on , service of business which is send godds , pay money , cope with customer inquiry , afterservice , and so on .

(2)Advertising of our company or marketing , etc

     Offering information of kind of mail magazine for customer .

     Information of sending goods , sending catalogue and DM , afterservice , information of about new goods

(3)Correspond to inquiry from customer

     Correspond to inquiry by e-mail , mail , telephone etc from customer

(4)A case of accompany other service

     accompan above from (1) to (3) , using necessity offered service from our group

     There is a case which we would use personal information for the purpose of out of provision of above .

4. about dealing with personal information

     Our company deal with personal data according to law of protection of personal data .

     Personal data from customer is not known by other people .

5. Correctness and safety of data contents

     There is a case which we ask for cooperation because of secure correctness and newest customer's personal data .

     All your personal information is protected by our SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) which fully encrypts and protects all of your personal data so that it can not be read by anyone over the internet .

     We have kept back up data according to computer trouble , lost data by personal mistake etc . You can not procedure this back up data .

     We have taken care of about virus check , not to be infected virus . E-mail of our company send and recieved e-mail from customer have completely been checked . Please do not worry about that .

     We have been dealing with personal data to be a matter of great importance not to be read by anyone , not only internet but also in our company .

     By legal protection of personal information there is a case of handling different from above .

      When customer use our company service , we would regard as you agreewith our legal of protection of personal data .

6. Supervision of where to commit

     The case of commited all of deal with persomal information , we will supervise appropriate management .

7. Correct , delete and inquiry of personal information

     Please let us know , if you would like to inquiry or correct the personal information .After confirmed himseil , we will cope immediately

Please inquiry any time if you have any question about personal information . Thank you

<responsibility of management and inquiry>

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