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YO3 is a company that cooperate with first-class specialty store of various games in domestic ,and makes the Web site for the mail order business and undertakes the management .
The business developing now are four sports event which badminton specialty store "Shuttle house", soft tennis specialty store "Twist", table tennis pro shop uTa-Q.jpv which collaborate project with shop of old standing "Hamada table tennis" , and handball specialty store "Pronjon" ,
we have been producing well .
Besides we are starting up the collaborative project with basketball specialty store "Sports Tiger" that has three stores in Osaka , and planning to entry into the Internet field .
YO3 are treating positively integrated produce of the Internet business. ,and making a new business model with the first class specialty store in each sports event .

The form of YO3 (business model) is to be able to meet all users' needs adequately because each store in which it cooperates may handle one athletic event in the specialty ,not handle in one shop like a large-scale, general store
The management of each store that cooperated make the best use of the principles and originality of the shop
Therefore there is a case that selling price of same manufacturer and goods is different but it is following each company's basic principles .Please understand it .
Though the transaction of the payment and the inquiry in the Internet mail order are basically done in each store , about credit-card transactions on the Internet that will be handled in the future will be taken charge of by YO3.

The products not influenced by game such as trophy , taping , supporter , training equipment , etc
It sells directly, and we will meetr customer's convenience.
We are developing an online business not only present four events ( badminton , soft tennis , table tennis and handball) but also new events online business such as volleyball , rugby, and swimwear, etc in the future .and we have been thinking to meet the sports user's requests widely and carefully as the Internet general sporting goods shop with the first class specialty store .
For meeting the requests of customer from oversea , we are starting up a site correspond for lungage of the main country in sddition to Chinese and Hangul and expanding the gate to the world
Moreover, we are trying to introduced the products with an excellent from foreign countries .

Except the specialty store handled with YO3 , agrees to the business development of our company. the owner who wants to open the shop in the internet mail order , please contact us by all means .
TEL:(+81j 6-6647-1335
FAX:(+81) 6-6647-4411

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